Transformation Of Realistic Drawing of Deepika Padukone

Transformation of Realistic Drawing of Deepika Padukone

Transformation of realistic drawing of Indian actress Deepika Padukone was an acceptable challenge for me.

And I always love and enjoy to portrait her. Whether you consider my this statement as a flirt, but actually these are my personal feelings 😛

Well, on a serious note she being one of my favorite actresses from B-Town is also one of the reason, I like to portrait her.

Also, my past 2-3 blog posts are regarding her pencil portraits. I will be sharing those post links further.

So, I request you all to stay calm and keep reading, as something interesting for you is just on its way.

transforming realistic drawing of Deepika Padukone
Image Source: RAW Gallery

Here in this picture, you can see three different forms of pictures.

The one at the left top was created in the month of June, 2018.

The one at the left bottom was created right after 3 months, in the month of September the same year.

And the bigger picture at the right hand side has been drawn in the month of December, 2018.

As from the up given three different statements, you may analyze that after the gap of 3-3 months, my drawing staring rapidly improving.

But, the gap that I’m mentioning here doesn’t mean that these 3 and another 3 months were totally blank.

I must say that I had to practice my whole butt off to reach up to even this level of drawing portrait that I’d drawn in the month of December.

Yes! That bigger picture in the frame.

So based on my experience and hard work, I wanna give you a quick review of these three different pictures.

And also I will be telling you what were my thinking levels during the creation of these 3 pictures in the frame.

Transforming Realistic Drawing of Deepika Padukone

While giving you the overview of these different drawings, I’ll be sharing about what type of pencil grades I used in my drawings.

Let’s get started with our first portrait that I had drawn in the month of June in 2018.

Portrait No. 1 The absolute infantry level.

Image Source: RAW Gallery

Talking about this portrait, first of all you may have noticed that on the top left of this image, I’ve attached the actual image of Deepika.

The referral image that you’re seeing on the top left has been taken from the official Instagram account of the actress.

Talking about the grades of pencil that I’ve used while drawing this sketch of Deepika are the random ones.

Means, I haven’t used any of the special grade pencil to draw this sketch.

While looking at the image you may notice how immature could be me at that time.

The lack of observation, pencil knowledge, shade knowledge could be simply noticed here, as if even you’re a beginner artist as well.

So, let’s move towards our another portrait of the frame.

I have mentioned my whole process in my post regarding: How I Learn Realistic Drawings In Just One Month

Portrait No. 2 When the process of transformation of the realistic started.

Image Source: RAW Gallery

It’s absolutely true, when you’re passionate to achieve any of your goal and do work hard for it, the changes towards success will start taking place in you.

This drawing is an absolute example of the phrase that I’ve mentioned above.

Not 100% looking as the same as my referral image was, but I can say 3 out of 5 could be a reasonable rating.

As it can be still the better example of transformation of realistic drawing of the actress Deepika Padukone.

Talking about the pencils that I’ve used while portraying this sketch were HB, B, 2B (Bianyo Pencils).

Other tools were in the likes of blending stump and pencil eraser for creating the hightlights and other white areas.

Actual time that took me to complete this portrait was 3 days.

Let’s move to our next and final portrait of this post.

Portrait No.3 My Ultimate Effort For Transforming Realistic Sketch of Deepika Padukone Till Now

Image Source: RAW Gallery

Well if I will only talk about the pencil realistic sketch portrait of Indian actress Deepika Padukone of till now, then this one is my all time favorite that I’ve drawn.

It took me lot of patience and observation power to create this type of masterpiece work.

As from the image itself, you may see the type of details that I have provided.

You may have also come to know about the time it’d have took me to complete this full image.

Well, if nothing is roaming through your mind, then let me tell you frankly.

It took me nearly around a week and a half to complete this full portrait of Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone wedding.

Pencils used in the process were, HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B.

And for blending purposes, stumps, tissue papers, and cotton buds suited me the most.

Well, I must tell you the enjoyment and fun I experienced while drawing this portrait was really amazing and learning.

So, guys, this was all from my today’s blog regarding the transformation of realistic drawing of Bollywood star Deepika Padukone.

If you liked this post, please do appreciate and also comment your any concerns that are digging into your mind.

You may also view our time lapse videos on RAW YouTube.

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