Suggested 10 Realistic Portrait Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

realistic portrait artists to follow on instagram

Wanna know who are those realistic artists, seeing whom I grow my realistic drawing skills? In this blog, I’ll be sharing my picks of those 10 realistic portrait artists you need to follow on Instagram, straight away.

Like me if you too have started your artwork recently, then I must say following these artists will absolutely broaden up your mind.

Also you’ll be more inspired and admired and might learn many techniques as well from them too.

First, I’ll also disclaim that neither have been I charged even a single penny from these artists, nor I claim that you must only follow them, if you’re on Instagram.

Remember, each and everybody’s art is beautiful and for an artist, everything is a wonderful creation itself.

So in this list, I’ll be presenting you the list of the suggested 10 realistic portrait artists that you may follow on Instagram, as per my suggestion.

As who knows whose content might help you better to learn and understand the glory of the realistic art.

As I get much help in improving my artwork, that’s why I believe to share these profiles with you.

This Is An Evidence, Why I Followed These Artists: Transformation Of My Realistic Portraits

Suggested: 10 Realistic Portrait Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram

But, before we go more deeper, I want you to observe the image that I’ve posted below.

How To Learn Realistic Art
Source: Rising Art Work – RAW

Seen? Now, what did you get from this image? Did you find any difference in the texture of the both images?

The picture in the first column depicts what I was capable to draw before the month of December.

And in picture 2, the drawing is looking much prettier and smoother than that of in picture 1.

I could say bluntly that following the realistic artists on social media platforms like Instagram, has really helped me a lot to improve.

Why is it so?

Because, below, the artists and their profiles that I will be sharing with you are one of those whom I did follow and learned lots and lots of improvising techniques as well.

In starting of my art journey, I’d definitely admit that whatever I’m able to draw today, they somewhere are to be credited for that.

Today, if I’m able to portrait realistic art, watching and learning from their stuff has really played a vital role in my timely improvisation.

I’ve created one blog post on: How To Draw Realistic Portrait Step By Step

This blog post contains the steps, that are practically applied and experienced by me.

Now, here in this post I’ll help you with the realistic portrait artists to follow on Instagram.

1. spomo_u (Spomo Ubiparipovik)

2. Silvie Mahdal (silviemahdal_art)

3. Marcello Barenghi (marcellobarenghi)

4. Shierly Lin (shierly_arts)

5. Jeffrey Appiatu (jeffreyappiatu_art)

6. Maral (maralart95)

7. Profile of (

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. . ⚫My studen’ts artwork ⚫By: samira hajizade ⚫Style: #hyperrealism ⚫Technique: #conte & #charcoal ⚫paperboard: #faber 220g ⚫size: 100 * 70 ⚫#2018 ‌. ⚫سومین اثر از هنرجوی محترم خانم سمیرا حاجی زاده ⚫#کنته و #زغال روی مقوای فابریانو ⚫سایز : ۱۰۰ * ۷۰ ⚫ ۴ اذر ۹۷ . . ••• دوستان لطفا لایک کنید و نظرات خود را بیان کنید ••• . _________________________________________ . . گالری ژوان برکزار کننده تخصصی ترین دوره های آموزشی طراحی و نقاشی ( چهره و اناتومی ) . . جهت رزرو و اطلاع از شرایط کلاس ها با شماره های زیر تماس حاصل فرمایید . . 📲0912 366 56 58 📲0935 510 61 36 . . آدرس گالری: تهران ، میدان انقلاب . خیابان کارگر شمالی . بعد از خیابان فرصت .‌مجتمع مهرسان .‌ پلاک ۴۳. گالری ژوان . . ________________________________________ . . #ژوانی #ژوانیااا #ژوانی_باشیم . @instartpage @art_spotlight @artshelp @proartists @arthomepage @artsrealistic @origine__art @art.couple @arts_help @art_realisme @let_us_share_arts @beatiful_drawing @artistic_nation @dailyartistiq @creativempire @storyof_art @artistic_share @artofdrawingg @arts_secret @artist_features @art_empire @arts_promo @art_supportive @creativeinstaartists @worldofpencils @theartscloud @arts_iranian @arts_help @artcomesfirst @art_sanity @daily.arts @florenceacademyofart @instartpics @godofpens @arts_help @instartpage @art.drawing.spotlight @artdrawindspotlight

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8. Hailey Bonia (hboniaart)

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✏️ Putting the finishing touches on “Gauge” before sending him off to his new home tomorrow morning! I always feel like I’m parting with a child or an extension of my soul when I part with a commissioned drawing…anyone else feel this way? Stay tuned for the finished piece! . #drawingmaterials: 14″ x 17″ Strathmore Bristol Drawing Paper, Pentel Graphgear 500 & 1000 Mechanical Pencils; 2H, HB, 2B, & 4B Staedtler Drawing Pencils, Tombow Mono Zero Mechanical Erasers, a sewing needle for the white fur, and lastly a Uni-Ball Signo White gel pen for highlights. – #tombowusa #pentelofamerica #dogportraitartist #dogportraits #petportraitart #graphitedrawings #graphiteartist #graphiteportait #hyperrealisticart #photorealisticdrawing

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9. GRIGO DRAW (grigo_draw)

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⭐_”Photo & Drawing”_20180415 . 🔹️Reference from 👇 📸 ————–> @kohanntensen ✏ ————–> @grigo_draw 👧 ————–> @kat.ovva . 제가 그림을 그릴때 사진을 보고 똑같이 그리기 보단 제 느낌대로 그리는 편이라 사진과 똑같진 않지만 많은분들이 이렇게 비교사진을 올리시는것 같아 저도 한번 올려봅니다~ . . . . . #dailyarts #arts_help #artistic_unity #hypnotizing_arts #pencilsacademy #art_whisper_ #art_realism_ #art_viral #goodmorningart #pencilofartists #drawing_expression #art_supernova #young_artists_help #art_4share #duende_arts_help #artsupporters #modernartt #artstrending #foart1 #artofdrawingg #artventure #sketch_dailydose #art_dailydose #sharingart #arts_moonlight #ladyterezie #artist_4_shoutout #artmagazine #artevm #top_drawings_art

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10. Tanya Musatenko (tanya_musatenko)

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The Artist’s Conclusion

If you really find this post regarding – (Realistic Portrait Artists To Follow On Instagram) helpful, then don’t feel shy to share it with your colleague artists.

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Speak up your suggestions and views below in the comment box.

You may also connect RAW on Facebook Profile, Instagram Profile and YouTube Channel for more amazing artworks from Rising Art Work – (RAW).

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