How I Draw Realistic Sketch of Marshal Mathers (Eminem).

realistic drawing of eminem

Those stunning, outperformed realistic drawing from the artists around the world, once again pinched my eyes with motivation. And I promise you again I experienced those motivational goosebumps all over my body. Drawing the realistic drawing of Eminem was in my art hit list from past few months.

And finally, I could say, Yay! I did it. My joy from inner side is not stopping a bit.

And you even can’t imagine, how excited I am here to share my experiences with you all regarding my recent artwork.

realistic drawing of eminem
Image Source: RAW Gallery

Well, before I’ll be sharing my post of realistic drawing of Eminem, here are my tools.

List Of Tools That I Used While Portraying This Realistic Drawing of Eminem

  1. Pencil (Staedler Mars Lumograph) – HB, 2B
  2. Mechanical Pencil
  3. Tombow Mono Zero Eraser
  4. Kneaded Eraser
  5. Blending Stumps
  6. Make Up Brushes

How I Draw The Realistic Drawing of Marshal Mathers (Eminem)

Now, here I will be sharing with you my detailed work on this sketch with my these up given drawing tools.

First of all, being a beginner artist I always prefer to grid my drawing paper and the referring image.

Griding the image provides me the actual idea about where I need to spread my drawing and within what area.

how to draw grid lines
Source: Rising Art Work – (RAW)

But first I do make sure that the grid lines that I am going to draw on my drawing sheet should be much lighter. As it shouldn’t be visible in my lighter shading areas, in the portrait.

To know full procedure about drawing the grid lines, you may go through my blog post below.

Learn, How To Set Up Grid For Your Drawings

Create an Outline.

Done with the grids. It’s time to create the outlines of the picture that you desire to draw.

Now, this is the place where coordination of vision, focus and observation has to work hand in hand.

I keep observing the picture first properly, as more the observation the more your mind will memorize the actual location of the picture.

That’s how you will come to know exactly, where and on which part of paper you need to move your pencil.

What I do while drawing an outline is, I always try to draw my outline in such a way where I also create those places that will be the shading areas.

So identifying the shading areas later on is never a big problem for me.

Like if you will notice in the below given picture, you will come to know about what I’m trying to say.

realistic drawing of eminem
Image Source: RAW Gallery

Here, in the given image you may observe that while portraying the cap portion I have provided the outline spaces.

As those are the parts that needed to be shaded.
The black dotted portion in the picture is that needs to get shaded.

Leaving spaces like these while outlining, helps me to have a proper idea about what and where to shade.

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Now Shade and Blend

While drawing any realistic portrait, the proper observation had always been a challenging task.

Until or unless you are not able to observe the image properly, don’t even move your pencil a single bit.

I personally take a hell lot of time first in observing the referral image that I’m going to draw on my drawing sheet.

drawing realistic marshall mathers
Image Source: RAW Gallery

Keen observation is also important as your mind takes its own time to capture the visuals of the referral image.

I first select my portions that I have to shade. And spend as much time as I could to shade the particular selected portions.

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Like, in this picture, while drawing the realistic drawing of Eminem, I did take necessary sufficient time in observing.

drawing realistic eminen
Image Source: RAW Gallery

Don’t Miss The Highlights

Now, what about the white parts in the image? How to deal with them?

To showcase the white or shining parts in my portraits I usually make use of the kneading eraser, Tombow mono zero erasers.

What I simply do is I slightly rub the areas where any kind of shine or whiteness does appear.

While drawing this realistic drawing of Eminem, the maximum use of these erasing tools was to provide proper texture to his wearings.

Image Source: RAW Gallery

Like in this picture, you may see the cracks on the sweat shirt cap, or down there in chain part.

The same, you may witness the part of highlights in the beard and mustache too.

I’d definitely say that drawing realistic Eminem portrait was not so easy but an enjoying portrait for me till.

As this was full of ultimate fun, learning and enthusiasm in observation.

I’d say if you liked this blog post of my realistic drawing of Eminem, please do share the word.

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