Drawing Realism Portrait Of Swami Vivekananda

Wassup Folks! enjoyed the video? And if not yet, then I shall suggest you go through the video. It’s my quick time-lapse video on realism portrait of Swami Vivekananda.

Thus, it will be today’s blog topic.

First, let me tell you one thing that idea of drawing a realistic portrait of Swami Vivekananda in my mind by gazing continuously at the photograph in my stenography class.

thus the thought of drawing the portrait buzzed in my mind continuously, until I finally made it.

Well talking about the tools, here are my realistic portrait drawing tools:

  1. Pencil (HB, 2B, Mechanical)
  2. Makeup Brush
  3. Paper Stumps
  4. Pencil Eraser
  5. Kneaded Eraser

The method that I’ve used here to draw this drawing, is the grid method.

Here’s a perfect example of How To Draw Portrait From a Photo

How I Drew The Realism Portrait Of Swami Vivekananda On A4 Sheet

realism pencil drawing
Image Source: Rising Art Work

Know here: How to set up the grid for your drawings

Well if you are a beginner artist, I’ll definitely suggest you go through the grid method for proper accuracy.

After setting up the grid lines, it’s time to sketch the outlines of the referral image.

Like, in this image you may see how I’ve done this.

So, after done with the grids and estimate sketch, it’s time to go for shading.

realistic pencil drawing tools
Source: Rising Art Work

To proceed with the shading process, First I shaded the whole outline that I had created, from inside.

After providing your drawing with the pencil strokes, pick up the brush and start blending.

Like you may notice here in the image.

I’m making use of the brush for the blending process.

Drawing Realism Portrait
Source: Rising Art Work – (RAW)

The thing that I catered here was the type of pencil layers.

This is a shading after providing the first pencil layer to the drawing.

Observation and presence of mind are all that is needed in drawing portraits.

This shade layer is provided using a mechanical pencil.

Drawing Realism Portrait Of Swami Vivekananda
Source: Rising Art Work – (RAW)

In this picture, I have provided another HB pencil layer and done more on it with the brush.

Blending it more and providing it more appropriate pencil layers, my drawing started taking its original shape.

Get to know about realistic pencil drawing materials through this blog post.

Realism Portrait Of Swami Vivekananda
Source: Rising Art Work – (RAW)

In this image, after providing more and more layers and blending, it’s time to provide the highlights.

For the highlights, I’ve made use of pencil eraser for highlighting the shining part on the clothes.

So, this was all from my today’s post regarding realism portrait of Swami Vivekananda.

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