Drawing Realistic Drawing Of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi


The drawing that I had drawn as a tribute to our Honorable Prime Minister of India, Sh. Narendra Modi. It was the time of elections in our country when I started off the work on portraying the realistic drawing of Narendra Modi.

Well, the Modi wave was buzzing all over and in almost every street of India. Thus, I made up my mind portraying the character on my new empty sheet that was gazing back at me before I started off the proceedings.

Well, before digging deeper into the process I want you to go through this quick time-lapse video.

Done with the video? So let’s move on to the steps and techniques that I used while portraying this picture.

Step By Step Techniques Of Realistic Drawing Of Indian PM Narendra Modi

Before moving to the steps, let me share the tools that I’ve used in my proceedings of drawing this portrait.

  1. Pencils (3H, Mechanical, HB, B, 2B, 4B)
  2. Paper Stump (Shading)
  3. Tissue papers (Shading)
  4. Tombow Mono Eraser (For Highlighting)
  5. Makeup Brushes (For Smoother Shades)

Step 1. Starting Off With The Grid Lines

I love to use grids. It’s perfectly also ok if a person has a natural accuracy to draw within the sheet limits.

But me being less accurate, I focus more on maintaining the professionalism in my drawings. That’s where the grid method plays a prominent role for me.

Being a visual portrait artist, I love to travel and explore different places. I’ve met and talked to many artists in my journey.

Whenever I raised the question regarding the use of the grid method, some have told me to avoid it and try to build your own accuracy without being much dependent on the grid method.

Whereas, many others have also suggested me to use the grid method if you are not born an accurate drawer/artist.

So for building up the accuracy of my drawing, I use the grid method.

You may visit my blog post regarding how to draw using a grid method to know the tips and techniques to create accurate grids.

Also read, drawing realistic Batman using the grid method.

So let’s move to step no. 2.

Step 2. Your Drawing Tools Are Your Ultimate Weapons. You Must Know How To Play With Them

Whenever I sit at my art desk that every single time, I consider myself as a warrior in the battle. And at that particular time that drawing paper plays a role of a battlefield for me.

And the image that I’m going to draw works as a challenging enemy to me. Whose every detail becomes a game-changing challenge for me.

You may know about how I learned realistic art just in one month.

So, it is always a must for me to sharpen and keep my all tools ready for the war.

Step 3. Meditate Through The Image Properly

Always watch your opposite side properly before striking a single arrow from your side.

Yes, the main work.

It is necessary that you should first observe the referral image, properly.

As gazing properly at your image will prepare your mind to draw an inner perception.

And you will also get a clearer idea about what and how to draw.

I’d also share my experience with you about the observation.

During my recent visit to Mumbai, I met one of the genuine pencil artists.

After watching their artworks I asked them with curiosity that how did they draw their stuff so beautiful and accurate.

To which they replied – “Keen observation and patience is the key”.


As much as you will observe what you are drawing, the more efficient and beautiful results you’ll have on your paper.

Watch my artwork below, in which observation and patience played a prominent role in maintaining the proper looks and efficiency of the drawing.

Drawing a realistic portrait of the Punjabi Rapstar Bohemia

So let’s move to our next step.

Step 4. Now Spreading The Observations On The Paper, But Remember, Start Needs To Be Decent

Courtesy: Rising Art Work

Yes, the start needs to be absolutely decent. So for the decent start, I first draw the outlines.

The outlines or rough sketch gives me an idea of what to draw and within what limits.

Step 5. Now The Pencil Work For Giving The Realistic Touch To The Drawing Of PM Modi Portrait

After drawing the outlines, I first shaded the areas that were slightly darker and darker in shade.

You know what is the most fun and enjoyable in a realistic pencil drawing, it is the shading process that I enjoy and like the most.

Courtesy: Rising Art Work

It was really fun when I was performing my drawing processes. Slightly, the portrait started matching the referral image.

It’s always a great joy and satisfaction when the portrait starts matching the referral image for an artist.

The combination of shading with pencil and blending with tissue paper and stump started changing the simple pencil portrait into the real one.

Step 4. When Observation, Concentration, and Hand Works Together, Magic Is Formed

Now it’s time to coordinate hand and eye.

First, it was an observation only. Now the hands need to work along with the observation.

Courtesy: Rising Art Work

And I really enjoy this hand-eye coordination while drawing realistic portraits.

Joining pencil shades layer by layer finally started giving actual shape to my portrait.

Applying a pencil shade and blending it with the blending tools started giving my portrait an actual shape as given on the referral sheet.

Lighter the areas, lighter bonded pencils are required. Darker the shades, darker the pencils are required.

Never rush for shades on the paper, neither create a fuss. Avoid smudging.

Maintaining cleanliness is a must for an artist while portraying a picture.

Observe keenly the area or a part that you are creating and shade properly according to the reference.

Also, the highlights that I provided from Tombow Mono Eraser worked as a cherry topping on the cake in the end.

So Here I Present You Again The Final Realistic Drawing of PM Modi

Courtesy: Rising Art Work

So after taking nearly up to 4 hrs and 30 minutes, this was the final realistic drawing of the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi.

My tribute to the Prime Minister of India.

And The Artist Concludes.

Well, it was an absolute fun learning and enthusiastic realistic portrait till now.

I really enjoyed the drawing and also you would really love more updates on this blog.

I keep on posting the stuff on my this blog, that I draw. And

I’m sure you might like my upcoming ones too.

For staying updated, do subscribe to my YouTube channel Rising Art Work – (RAW) for more exciting quick time-lapse videos.

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