How To Learn Realistic Art Just In a Month (Applied and Experienced Tips)

How To Learn Realistic Art

How to learn realistic art is content from RAW, where I have shown you the techniques regarding the learning of realistic art as per mine experience.

However, I’ll be summing up this post into 7 different steps, that you may try out yourself to learn realistic drawings just in a month.

I will make you sure that these all steps that I’ll be discussing with you all, are based on my own experience.

I bet, if you’ll also try out any of these steps, you will definitely gonna evolve with the passage of time.

Yes. From a raw artist to an experienced one.

Before, you go further to read the full blog post, I recommend you to go through my this blog post.

As this blog is about my second realistic drawing portrait.

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Quick 6 Applied Tips: How To Learn Realistic Art Just In a Month

  1. Follow realistic artists on Social Media.
  2. Watch their Youtube or Multitasking videos.
  3. Practice what you’ve learned at least 30-40 mins per day.
  4. Start creating your own stuff.
  5. Be patient and observe the things minutely.
  6. Understand the behavior of light on different objects.

Let’s get through these applied tips in detail.

Tip No.1. Follow Realistic Artists On Social Media Channels

learn how to draw realistic art
Image Source: Rising Art Work – (RAW)
learn realistic art
Image Source: Rising Art Work – (RAW)

Being an artist, your passion of art does need regular push from other artists as well.

Being in touch with other artists, you may get many ideas and know hows/tips regarding what content you’d be able to create.

As if I’ll talk about myself, following artists on social media channels really help me in modifying my inner artist.

Also, I’m not saying that you need to follow only professional artists.

Do tend to follow the beginner level artists too.

Following beginner artists might also help you to know your level.

If I’ll say following beginner artists also helped me in recognizing and improving my level day by day.

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To know more about how to learn realistic art, here’s the next tip given below.

Tip No.2. Connect With The Artists on YouTube

how to draw realistic portraits
Image Source: Rising Art Work – (RAW)

The second tip about how I learned realistic art in just one month is, to follow or subscribe the artists on the YouTube.

Like me, there are many artists exploring their talent on such a big platform, YouTube.

There are also many artists who have the art tutorial channels of them. Thus they provide useful videos for the audience who want to improve their artworks.

So, it is advisable to connect with them and learn the drawing patterns from their tutorials.

It’s also advisable to subscribe to their blogs. As somethings that we can’t get through the actions are understood firmly by the words, sometimes.

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Let’s move to the next tip to know how to learn realistic art in a quick time frame.

Tip No.3. Practice Your Learned Stuff Daily

how to learn realistic art
Image Source: Rising Art Work – (RAW)

Your all work is going in vain, if you are not practicing you learned stuff daily.

You must be familiar with that proverb- “Practice Makes A Man Perfect”, Haan?

That’s what applies here as well.

Watching videos on YouTube, following professionals on social media or following their personal art websites won’t work for you until you start working.

Well, practice doesn’t mean that you need to sit on creating your stuffs for whole day.

At least 30-40 minutes a day, you must practice about how to draw portraits with pencils.

View videos, read and do practice drawing portraits tips, that you gather from other artists.

In this context regarding how to learn realistic art, the next tip is practically interesting.

Let’s see what that about.

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Tip No.4. Start Creating Your Stuff

how to draw a perfect portrait
Image Source: Rising Art Work – (RAW)

Practicing will encourage you to spread you wings.

It will open you up.

Now you’re doing regular practice, it’s time to take off buddy.

Try creating your stuff man.

But yeah, what? Enjoy! Okay?

Draw whatever you feel you could.

Try drawing anything that is in your surroundings.

Don’t be a loser thinking about possibilities or outcomes. Let it won’t match, then what.

At least, it will be a record.

In future, when you’ll be improvising these starting drawings will be a sigh of satisfaction at that time.

So, just enjoy making new stuff without thinking about the outcomes.

Tip No.5. Be Patient And Observe The Things Minutely

learn realistic drawings
Image Source: RAW Gallery

Do you know, what’s the real strength of an artist?

Or, what are those weapons of an artist through which he/she is capable of winning all the art battles?

Do you really wanna know?

PATIENCE and KEEN OBSERVATION are two main tools/weapons through which an artist could be called as a strong warrior in an open battle.

An artist’s observation is an actual power through which this whole universe is created.

That’s why it is advisable to you as well, if you’re a beginner artist, keenly observe the things and be patient while creating your each and every stuff.

It will become absolutely awesome. That even nobody has ever imagined.

In our context regarding how to learn realistic art in just one month, let’s check out our last tip.

Tip No.6. Understand The Behavior Of Light

portrait drawing easy

Being a beginner artist, it is utmost necessary tip that you should understand how light behaves on different objects, at different point of time.

If you’re off to know about how to learn realistic art, then understanding light is the step that you mustn’t miss ever in your art journey.

To understand the behavior of light, it is advisable to practice the 3D shapes, regularly.

As practicing 3 Dimensional shapes will help you to develop you mind and sight better in case of understanding the light’s behavior.

Read books, blogs regarding portrait drawing lessons.

If you ever get a chance to stay in touch with any pro artist, do ask them questions about how to draw perfect portraits.

Also ask for drawing portrait tips and many more. Do watch their drawings. Question them how they make it.

As such things will help you increase your knowledge of art and creativities.

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The Artist Concludes

In the end, I’d just say, art is an enjoyment. Just enjoy it.

Also I’m not saying that you should only rely on these tips.

You may try and figure out something from your own or somewhere else as well.

But make sure, you keep practicing the procedures that you learn from anywhere.

Practice more and keep learning and experiencing something daily.

And if you even felt a little anything worthy in this content regarding How To Learn Realistic Art Just In a Month – From RAW, then please do spread the word.

You are all free to post your views and suggestions to us in the comment box below.

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