How I Draw Realistic Portrait Of Ranveer And Deepika – (Step By Step)

How to draw realistic portrait

How to draw a realistic portrait from a photo, is a question that does appear in that innovative mind of every beginner artist. Isn’t it?

Whenever you unlock your phone on and those Instagram notification pings have buzzed your mind a lot.

Although, most of the time those Instagram pings from the profile posts of other pro artists might have made you into an absolute jaw-dropping person with a one question smacking into the mind.


How they create those pictures so real?

So, through my this blog post I’ll help you out.

I’m gonna share with you, all those techniques that I’ve learned by watching and observing other pro artists.

Well, these are those tips that I’ve personally practiced for a longer period.

And thus are paying me with the better results, nowadays.

This post through which I’m going to convey my tips and tricks for drawing realistic portraits that are taken from one of the live drawings that I created recently.

How To Draw Realistic Portrait From a Photo, Here’re The Jaw-Dropping Tips

How to draw realistic portrait
Source: Rising Art Work (Gallery)

This is a portrait of a picture from a wedding ceremony of the Indian bollywood celebs Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone.

Let’s head towards the steps I required to portrait this celeb wedding picture.

Drawing Realistic Marshall Mathers (Eminem)

Video Source: Art Tutor (YouTube)

Step 2. Create Outlines

Let me ask you simple question.

How your body will be like without the skeleton?

Will it form a proper human shape?

Well, not exactly. Not a single bit, thy.

Bones and skeleton play massive role in maintaining the proper shape and natural structure of the human body.

Now, here in the art, that’s what an outline does for you.

It gives you the proper idea about what you need to create.

What you have to do is just observe the referral grid image, and apply the outlines accordingly.

how to draw a realistic portrait
Source: Rising Art Work (Gallery)

Like, I’ve done in the picture above.

Observing the outlines in the referral picture and joining them in my grid sheet.

For my instant outlining, I make use of 2H, 3H, 4H pencils usually.

Step 3. Start The Shades

So, now I’ve reached the part, where I have to start the shading with the pencils like HB, B, 2B, 4B.

As these are the main pencils that I do make use of usually in my most of the sketches.

Now just sit relaxed, observing the lighter and darker parts of my referral image, I do make use of my pencils accordingly.

Like in the lighter shades, I make use of lighter pencils like HB, B, Mechanical.

how to draw realistic pencil portrait
Source: Rising Art Work (Gallery)

Like in the above picture, you can see in the areas like eyes, a mustache, area below cheeks (below my hand) and chin is darker for which I’ve used 4B pencil, precisely.

How to draw realistic portrait
Source: Rising Art Work (Gallery)

It is always challenging for me, that how much pressure do I require to apply on each stroke of my pencil, while creating something on paper.

Being an artist, each and every single stroke provided by your end would be the actual definition of your drawings in the end.

Step 4. Blending Gives The Realistic Touch

After shading with the pencils, your drawing may not look real anyways that you wanted it to look.

Here comes the technique in the picture, known as blending.

For blending, I usually make use of stump, but here for the first time I’ve made use of brushes.

how do you draw realistic
Source: Rising Art Work (Gallery)

But, which brushes do I really require?

Which will make my drawn stuff more real and more smoother?

If I reveal this to you, I hope you’ll definitely give a try to it.

In this drawing I did make use of make up brush.

Like as you may see in the picture below.

That gave my drawing stuff an ultimate, satisfying, beautiful and smoother touch.

Here in this picture, you can see how realistic and original touch this image is reflecting now.

As I did continually blend my sketch with the brush over the pencil shades, it started providing me with realistic touch.

I will also mention you here, that I did not make any use of blending stump or a tissue paper while portraying it.

Although using these two tools do also provide a realistic touch but depending up on a type of paper you are using.

Step 5. Don’t Forget The Highlights

The step number 5th in my context regarding the realistic drawing tutorial, I want you to give your serious concerns to the highlights.

Your sketch is your identity.

When you’ll draw it with the perfection, firstly, you yourself would be satisfied.

This Post on Portraying Texture is very helpful and understanding: How I Made This Realistic Textured Blazer With Pencil on Paper in 3 Quick Steps

And if you’ll post it on your any of the social profile, like on Facebook, Instagram, you don’t know that how many people are gonna like or share that.

You should sketch not just for the sake of sketch to be made.

But for the sake of that satisfaction in you when you’ll watch your drawing sheet.

Ask me how does it really feel when you see your drawings improvised and professionally created.

If you really want to feel my feeling practically, then I shall suggest you to go through my blog post link given below.

How I Improvised In Drawing Realistic Within Shorter Period Of Time

I suggest you to go through this post. As you will be witnessing how I came to improve myself in creating the realistic drawings.

This post is really interesting and will be helpful to you all, if you’re thinking to start realistic art.

Now, coming back to this step.

Highlighting plays a major and an off-course prominent role in maintaining the grace of your realistic portrait.

Tools that are best for highlighting sketch are, pencil eraser, tombow mono eraser.

These are the tools that I do make use of personally in my sketches now a days.

The shining part in the image could be depicted by highlighting it.

Here in this picture, I’ve used blending stump for providing cloth texture to groom.

And you may notice some highlighted lines in the many areas in shawl of a groom as well.

For providing highlights, you need to carefully observe the behavior of light on each and every part of the image that you’re portraying.

View The Full Video Here:

The Artist Concludes

If you treat art with love and compassion, I bet it will reward you in different ways ahead.

Art is not only an important part of life, but it is your whole life, if you will observe it minutely.

Patience and practice is a key to excel in the field of art.

Because these two will only be your ultimate tools that will help you improvise and accomplish your each and every task that will appear in your life ahead.

In the end, I’ll conclude by saying that if you found this post regarding How To Draw Realistic Portrait help worthy, then please do spread the word to your other beginner artists as well.

As who knows your one share could enlighten the life of other artists as well.

Comments are welcomed always in the comments section below. Do mention them along with your mail ID and URL’s, if any.

Have a great time ahead, folks!

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