How I Drew Realistic Portrait Of The Punjabi Rapstar Bohemia

how to draw realistic portrait of bohemia

In this post, learn how to draw a realistic portrait of Bohemia step by step. Being a beginner artist, drawing realistic portrait really is amazing as well as an evolving thing with the passage of time, only when you’ll practice it thoroughly.

Keen observance, perseverance and patience are the actual inner tools that you must keep with you while drawing the realistic art portraits.

Through this blog post, I’ll be telling you about how I drew a realistic character, known as the Punjabi Rapstar- R.D. Bohemia (Roger David Bohemia) on my A3 paper sheet.

Before you go deeper through this post, I want to suggest you to go through this quick video and notice the sketch and texture.

Video Source: Rising Art Work – (RAW)

If you’ve watched this whole video, did you observe anything in the end?

What I did here, when I end up the whole pencil work?

Did you notice any use of spray in the end?

If you did notice that, then it’s absolutely cool. If you haven’t noticed it yet, I advise you to move the video seek bar at the time 9:16.

There you’ll observe that I have used spray in the end.

Now, you must be wondering for what purpose, I did so?

Let me reveal the secret to you if you are a beginner artist. But if you are an intermediate or an advance level artist, then you may have come to know that this spray is used in the end to keep the sketch smudge free and clean.

I’ve seen many pro artists making use of it after completing their work on their respective portraits.

As this spray locks your graphite with the paper and keeps your created stuff safe and smudge free. Thus, the use of this spray is a wise option for you after your every artwork.

Now, let’s move towards the content and see how I drew this realistic portrait of Bohemia step by step.

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Learn How To Draw a Realistic Portrait Of Bohemia (Step By Step)

Now buck up, and go through these steps one by one.

I assure you that these steps that you’re about to go through, are based on my practices and personal experience.

I will also assure you that being a beginner artist, you could also be able to master these tips and tricks but only if you’ll start practicing it on your own.

Before we move to steps regarding this content on how to draw a realistic portrait of Bohemia, let me meet you all with the tools that I used to create this art.

  • Pencils: Bianyo B, 2B, 4B, 6B. Faber Castel: 2H
  • Blending Tools: Cotton Bud, Paper Stump, Tissue Paper
  • Eraser: Common Eraser and Tombow Mono Eraser Rounded For Highlighting
  • Sharpener
  • Drawing Sheet: A3 (Navneet Sketch Book)

So, let’s get started with the step no. 1.

Step No.1. Choose a Picture

Like here, for this drawing I’ve chosen this image on my android phone that I wanted to create on my drawing sheet.

how to draw realistic portrait of RD Bohemia
Image Source: Instagram

While choosing the reference image for your portrait, here’s a tip you need to check:

The image should not be blur or visibly disturbing.

Your selected image should be clean, clear and blurfree.

Like the image above, that I’ve chosen for my reference image.

You may choose image from any platform on the internet.

Either the social media profile of the character (if provided) or on Google.

Step No.2. Grid The Image

To know the full process of griding your selected image on mobile phone you may go through this helpful post.

This Blog Might Help You: Know The Tricks To Grid The Selected Image For Your Drawing Portrait

Step No.3. Create Grids On Your Paper

It is important that you must create the grids on your paper too.

Being a beginner artist, providing grids to your drawing sheet will absolutely help you in getting an idea about which part of the referral image needs to be drawn on which portion of the paper.

Simply, what you need to do is divide your sheet in square shaped grid boxes.

Like if you chose 5*4=20 dimensions, then divide your length of the sheet in 5 square dimensions and width in the 4.

But, for that you need to know the dimensions of your drawing sheet as well.

If you look at the image below, you may get the idea what I have done here. Like, how I’ve divided my sheet through these square shaped grids.

how to draw realistic portrait of Bohemia
Image Source: RAW Gallery

Step No.4. Start Creating Outline

Now, its’s time to start outlining.

In this step, I’ve started outlining the character that I had selected to draw on my drawing sheet.

I will definitely suggest you to go for outlining of the image that you are referring.

As you may see the image given above, I have created freehand outlines of the character Bohemia.

Outlining is done just to get the idea about what we are going to draw actually now.

I personally do make use of the H pencils for the outlining process.

As H pencils have hard and light graphite in them, thus are efficient and recommendable for drawing outlines.

Therefore, I shall recommend you too, to make use of the H pencils for outlining.

Yes, 3H, 2H, H are the decent number of pencils to use in your outlining texture.

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Step No.5. It’s Time To Shade.

Now, the time has arrived to shade the texture.

If you scroll up towards the video that you viewed in the start of this blog post, you might have viewed that I started with shading the facial part of this character.

To provide skin a proper tone as per the refering image, I gently put the strokes to it.

Remember, when you are shading skin part :

  • First, apply gentle strokes.
  • Don’t use more force while applying the strokes.
  • Shade the texture with HB pencil.

Now blend it with the blending tools, you have with you.

Being a beginner artist, you may use many blending tools in the likes of paper stump, cotton bud, brush, tissue paper.

But, while portraying this portrait, I personally did make use of paper stump for blending.

Like the way you applied gentle force in the pencil shading, blending process too needs that gentleness from you.

Just hold that stump in your hand and apply gentle force on the paper where you’ve stroke the pencil shades, previously.

Now for the areas like eyebrows, eyes, the beard part and the clothes, you may use darker pencil like:

For Eyebrows and Eyes here: 3B/4B. Beard Part: 3B/4B. For clothes, first watch out the color of the textures like somewhere is light and somewhere it is darker.

So for darker areas, use high number pencils like 6B and for lighter areas, you may use 3B/4B.

Image Source: Rising Art Work (Gallery)

Now for highlight the shining areas, I used Tombow’s Mono Erasing Pen for the highlights.

Like you may see in the above picture I have highlighted the shine of the black buttons of the character’s jacket pockets.

More highlights could be seen above the pocket area (left side of you vision).

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Final Tips:

  • Observe the image minutely.
  • Be patient.
  • Take breaks.
  • It’s not necessary that image starts meeting the reference, practice to improve day by day.
  • Connect with the pro artists on Social Media.
  • Practice shading daily, keep observing and drawing things around you daily.
  • Develop habit to draw at least 30 mins to 1 hr. daily.

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The Editor’s Cut

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God Bless You All!

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