How Did I Draw a Realistic Textured Blazer On Drawing Sheet

How to draw realistic blazer texture

Hello and welcome to this another article on Rising Art Work. When it comes to talking about realistic drawings, then I always keep my stuff on the front foot. Today I’ve come up with another exciting experiment. And through this post regarding how to draw a realistic blazer texture, I could provide you with my quick steps that I applied in this image for texturizing a blazer using a pencil.

How to draw realistic blazer texture
Source: RAW Gallery

Before going deep, I want to show you the tools that I do personally make use of.

So, here’s the list of tools that I use for drawing this realistic blazer texture.

  1. Pencils (HB, B, 2B Depending upon the layer you are going to draw)
  2. Paper Stumps for blending.
  3. Tissue Paper for smoother blending
  4. Tombow Mono Eraser.

This was my list of the tools that I use.

Now let’s head back to the post.

And let me reveal the secret tips about how I created the blazer texture.

How to Draw a Realistic Blazer Texture

First, before going for the texture, I simply started off with a normal shading with HB pencil.

How to draw realistic blazer texture
Source: RAW Gallery

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the hand pressure should be kept really at less while providing the shade strokes.

Then keep on shading slowly and with low pressure.

After making the surface shady, I started off the blending process of that lightly shaded surface with the stump.

The more gentle the blending more realistic tone the drawing will start acquiring.

You may go through this blog post for knowing about shading: Realistic Drawing of Eminem (Marshal Mathers)

Done with the first level of shading, now it’s time to provide the shade level 2.

It’s my personal tip if you are a beginner, never darken your any of the shade.

I mean to say that keep providing gentle and uniform strokes on your drawing sheet.

Go smoothly and shade the surface with your pencil, uniformly.

I can tell this thing to you all there, that drawing a realistic blazer texture was an absolute real fun for me.

As the more required layers of the shade stroke I was adding to the blended surface, more realistic this drawing was turning out to be.

How to draw realistic blazer texture
Source: Rising Art Work Gallery

After providing regular shades and blending continuously and gently with the stumps, my this drawing started taking its original form.

After the few more shades, it looked as real as it looked in the referral image.

Now the shading and the blending process ends here.

What’s now required, is the ‘highlighting process‘.

You may visit my this article regarding highlighting process: Drawing Realistic Portrait of Ranveer and Deepika Wedding

Now, with the help of tombow mono eraser, I Started highlighting the shining areas of the blazer.

The process should be done slowly and carefully while providing the actual highlights.

Like if you can see in this picture, here I have provided gently pressurized strokes to give this picture a real touch.

Drawing realistic blazer texture
Source: RAW Gallery

These white encircled are the highlights in this image, that I’ve provided with Tombow Mono Eraser while portraying realistic blazer texture.

The point to be remembered here is that these kinds of highlights must be created after completing the full shading process.

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So, that was all from my this stuff regarding how to draw realistic blazer texture with a pencil.

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