How I Draw Realistic Batman With Charcoal Pencil

How To Draw Realistic Charcoal Batman

Ever wondered how to draw Batman with charcoal pencil as a beginner.

Absolutely, drawing realistic Batman with charcoal pencils was a sense of absolute freedom and fun for me.

Well, if I tell you honestly, it was my plan to try a Batman realistic drawing with a charcoal pencil.

How To Draw Realistic Charcoal Batman
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The interesting part is, this time I didn’t make use of the grid method in it.

How I Draw Realistic Batman With Charcoal Pencils

I started off the proceedings with a free hand outline sketch first. As you can see in the picture below.

Usually, I start off my drawing proceedings by drawing grid lines and then outline sketch.

I just gave a try and tested out my self that how accurate could I draw without using a grid method.

How to draw Batman with charcoal pencils
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Like here, you may see that I haven’t drawn the grids but started off the proceedings with simple outlining.

Now, it’s time to shade the outline with the desired charcoal pencil.

Starting with slow and light shading gives your drawing an absolute start.

First of all, observe and mark all the darker areas.

After choosing the darker areas its time to fill those areas with your dark charcoal pencils.

How to Draw Batman with charcoal
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Now, here in the image you may see that the face mask of the Batman character appears to be darker.

And the nose portion, I’ve kept it lighter only because it was the shining part of the mask.

I observed each and every part carefully in the image. And thus applied my charcoal pencil accordingly.

Well making use of the stump on paper for blending charcoal powder is ok and recommendable.

Using stumps helped me better to blend the charcoal particles.

And also gave my sketch a perfect look and also provided it with proper shade.

So this is an absolute image that I drew.

Drawing Batman With Charcoal
Source: RAW Gallery

Well, in spite of the pencil artwork, I must say being a beginner I’m not bad at all with my charcoal drawings at all.

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